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- Karate -  
Way of the empty hand  

Karate can be many things for many people. For some it is the ideal way to achieve complete fitness, while to others it provides the key to unlocking the door to self discipline and self realization. One of the most important points to note is that the Art and it is an Art, is not simply about punching, kicking and blocking. It is a way of living, of respecting yourself and others through which one gains the ability to be confident, calm and courteous. Karate offers many lessons having subsisted for many centuries. Come join our family and let us help you realise your potential.

   Training merely to win a match can lead to the deterioration of this dynamic and powerful art.” - MASTOSHI NAKAYAMA  
"The art of Karate is a never ending endless quest for perfection  of developing the spirit and the body to defeat the’s self” - SHIHAN TAK TUBOTA  

"Training in the art of Karate is like maintaining a bowl of boiling water; remove the heat source and the water will cool down”  - GICHIN FUNAKOSHI  



The Cambridge Club, which trains at Cottenham and Bar Hill, is part of the English Shotokan Karate Association, one of the most successful and respected associations in the United Kingdom. The founder and Chief instructor is Mike Nursey (9th Dan), under whom Jeff Rand trained in the 1980’s. The association is lively and vibrant. The moto is ‘work hard - play hard’ and this is clearly seen in the years full calendar of events which includes training courses, competitions and social activities.    
The club is run by Sensei Jeff Rand and Claire Leggott. The club and all senior members are fully insured and DBS (was CRB) checked as necessary.
Sensei Jeff is ranked Yondan (4th Dan) which was awarded by ESKA at the dinner dance in November 2013. He is a Senior Instructor, is one of the associations Examiners and a competition senior Kata Official. 
Jeff originally trained under Sensei John Van Weenan (then 6th Dan). He joined ESKA in the mid 1980's training under Sensei Mike Nursey and subsequently joined the Martial Arts Academy training under Paul Toby (then 4th Dan). He then  trained under Steve Austin (then 5th Dan) and gained his Shodan (1st Dan) and Nidan (2nd Dan) with Sensei Nick Adamou (8th Dan), chief Instructor of the International Association of Shotokan Karate. Sensei Adamou was one of the original 7 Samurai who trained under Kancho Kanazawa (10th Dan). He is also a qualified further education teacher and holds a current enhanced DBS (was CRB) check.
Claire is the Clubs 2nd instructor and the Club secretary
She has been involved in Martial arts for as long as she can remember doing some training in Judo, Kuk Sool & Goyararu before joining Steve Austin (then 5th Dan) in 1995, and beginning her journey in Shotokan Karate gaining her Shodan in January 2006 with the IASK




The Cambridge Club
Every three months, after each Kyu grading, our Club gives out two awards, the Spirit Trophy and the Progress Shield,  they can be awarded to any club member that is the most worthy. 

See 'Awards & Photo Gallery' for the latest recipients

The Association 

Our association presents two awards; the Peter Cox Trophy, - Sempai Sara is the current holder, which is available to the most worthy junior Dan grade and the Edward Docwra Spirit Trophy - Sensei Jeff is a previous recipient. which is presented to the most worthy senior Dan grade. Potential candidates are nominated by the association’s senior grades via a secret ballot. 
The Edward Docwra Spirit Trophy was created in the name of one of the association’s most respected instructors under whom Jeff trained in the 1980’s. It is the ESKA’s most prestigious award. Given annually it was first presented in 1990 and recognises outstanding dedication, discipline, and spirit, setting an example to all other Karate-ka.  



Training days and times

Tuesday Night

Bar Hill

Map for  Bar Hill Dojo

Thursday Night


Map for Cottenham Dojo

Saturday Morning 


Map for Cambridge Dojo

  • 18:00-19:00 Beginners to 6th kyu 

  • 19:00-20:00 6th kyu and above

  • 18:00-19:00 Beginners to 6th kyu 

  • 19:00-20:00 6th kyu & above

  • 20:00-21:00 3rd kyu & above        

10:00-12:00 All Grades 

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